05 NovDiebold Machines: Out of Memory

I forgot to mention one other encouraging notice that poll Inspectors received regarding our Diebold TS voting machines. One machine is to be designated for disability access and the poll workers attach headphones and a numeric keypad. We received a notice with our supplies that indicated that

If more than four voters use the VIBS ballot (recorded ballot) on the same touchscreen machine, the TS may shut down and give an error message that says, “Out of Memory” the screen will go blank and will not allow voter to cast ballot.

The solution is to move the VIBS unit (headphones and keypad) to another unit and allow the voter to vote on the new unit. Then turn off and then turn back on the unit with the error message and it should work fine.

This situation with VIBS is due to the long ballot coupled with the large amount of memory needed for the recorded ballot.

Luckily, I did not have even one person request the recorded ballot, so I did not face this problem.

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