19 JanFirefox Add-on Engines A-plenty

1. You should be using Firefox to browse the web.

2. One reason is how many add-on search engines you can add to the top right corner so that searching Wikipedia, Merriam-Webster, eBay, Amazon, Flickr Tags, etc is just a click away and built right into the browser. It’s stunningly useful. Begin with Mozilla’s 23 popular add-on search engines, but then check out the motherload of add-on search engines at mycroft. Just click on ‘Google’ alone and see all the different ways you can more easily utilize Google (searching News, Images, etc.) and it’ll blow your mind.

3. Note: I’ve found that after installing a bunch of these at once sometimes Firefox needs a restart before it sorts all your changes. So, if you notice strange behavior, don’t panic, just restart.

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